Getting Data


  • Analysis: What data do you need? Where is it? How can you get it?
  • Data Integration: Getting your data where it needs to be.
    • From instrument to database.
    • From system to system.
    • From spreadsheet to database.
    • From where it is to where it is not.
  • Expertise in data acquisition: from distant industrial operations.

What is Data?

When we think of data we think of collections of bits of information about something. We intuitively recognize data when we see it:

  • For a business it's monthly sales, inventory, returns, defect rates, costs
  • It's words in a document and a collection of documents in a repository of documents.
  • It's mouse clicks on a web page, pages visited, time spent on a page, items purchased, articles read, etc...
  • In industrial operations it's the real-time measurements from devices like flow meters, temperature gauges, tank levels, motors on rotating equipment, etc...
  • It's statistics about the population of a community, a state or province, a country.
  • It's a description of our genes, the effects of greenhouse gases, the results of an experiment.